May 2, 2014

Boston was...

cold. clear-skinned, blue skies. micro scoops of the world's best ice-cream (sample flavors: ginger and goat-cheese-brownie). a cute baby, his mother, and grandfather. MIT: tilted, amused, quirky buildings, windows popping out like bulging eyes. Moving sculptures: reeds dancing in the wind. Bits of a vivid cerulean Boston sky seen from inside a sculpture: on the inside, looking outside. Looking up into eternity. Hybrid pictures, Albert Einstein metamorphosing into Harry Potter or Marilyn Monroe. Harvard Law-School. A lost and found phone. A river which looked like a lake. Boston Common, colorfully dressed pinickers studding the grass like spring flowers. An elderly Japanese couple taking selfies. A wrong turn: walking to the river, rather than the sea. Beacon St/Magnolia Avenue: a series of one gorgeous magnolia tree after another, thickly dressed in blooms. Fallen butter-yellow blossoms (which turn sepia when shut inside a Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Imprisoned red tulips. The language of fallen petals. A missing baby blanket (heirloom) note stuck on a metal pillar. Charles River seen through the veil of a weeping willow. Boston Harbor. A giant American flag. The sea at night. The oldest pub in America. Holocaust Memorial on Freedom trail, inscribed with numbers, each number a wound, each memory uttered there a burning reminder: never again. T: red, blue, and green. Rain. Shopping: red and blue and white. Flying home: chocolate-covered almonds.

On the Inside, Looking Outside: MIT campus

Eternity: MIT School of Architechure

 Quirky: MIT STATA building

Magnolia Avenue: Beacon Street

Imprisoned Tulips: Beacon Street

Beyond the Weeping Willow: Charles River

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