Recent articles:

An interview with Aanchal Malhotra and her project focusing on narrating an alternative history of Partition through objects in Weekend Review, Gulf News

 An article about the Partition Museum in Weekend Review, Gulf News

An opinion piece about gendered spaces in havelis, Rama Mehta's 'Inside The Haveli, and writing about women in havelis in Feminism in India

An opinion piece about the right to walk, exploring gender and public space in Feminism in India

A City Guide to Jodhpur in Guardian

A piece about the memories of Muttrah in Alef -page 90

A photo-essay on the mannequins of Muscat and Dubai in Mashallah

Interview with Dubai-based fashion designer, Michael Cinco in Khaleejesque

Interview with Leesa Gazi, who seeks to give a voice to Bangladesh's Birangona in Brown Girl 

An interview with and review of Raghu Rai's exhibition on trees in Artsome blog

A round up of Delhi's top galleries and what they showed at India Art Fair 2015 in ArtSlant

An essay about the contradictions of feeling homesick in the homeland in India Currents

A review of Avinash Veeraraghavan and Pieter Schoolwerth's works exhibited at Galleryske, New Delhi in ArtSlant

A profile of Omani conceptual artist, Hassan Meer in REORIENT

An essay about the transition of seasons in India Currents

An opinion piece about narrating stories of Rajasthani women in Brown Girl

An essay about the Hindi film, 'Highway' and travelling in India in India Currents

An interview with founder of Indian Jewelry Project in The Aerogram

A short piece about installation art in India in Fleck Contemporary Fine Art magazine (p28-29)

An opinion piece about my journey of writing in Brown Girl

An interview with Emirati photographer, Lamia Gargash in Khaleejesque

An opinion piece about Indian grocery stores in United States in India Currents

A review of an exhibition showcasing Saudi Arabian archaeological heritage at Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh in The Atlantic Post 

An article profiling The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh in Gulf News

Here is a further selection of my articles:

An article on Omani women fashion designers in The Media Line

An article on young Omanis preserving and re-presenting their heritage in Guardian Weekly

An interview with the Lebanese mixed media artist, blogger, and novelist, Zena el Khalil in Khaleejesque

An article on women dyers of Rajasthan 

An article about installation and mixed-media artist, Radhika Khimji's exhibition at Barka Fort, Oman in Weekend Review, Gulf News

 An article on Arna Jharna Desert Museum, Jodhpur, reinterpreting a traditional museum experience in Weekend Review

I have guest-blogged at:

 Guest post about my ancestral haveli at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh's blog

 The Journal of Cultural Conversation

Global Fund for Women's blog, Her Blueprint

Academic Writing:

'Coastal Contacts: Oman in the Indian Imagination': an academic paper co-authored with Sandhya Mehta and presented at Indo-Oman Symposium, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman in March 2011

A review of the book, Glimpses of Oman: Ten Stories About a Beautiful Country and Its People, which used ten articles of mine as the basis of  English-language instruction