July 5, 2013

June Instagrammed

I mentioned earlier about my new-found obsession for Instagram - and suffice to say, it is probably the form of social media that I enjoy the most at the moment. I post there much more frequently than say, twitter or blogging, finding it more effective to communicate a mood, a moment, or simply an arresting visual through a picture. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that when your mind temporarily experiences a word-desert, then the visuals can take over and do the talking:)

Here is June instagrammed below (by the way, is anyone else also feeling surprised that the year is already half over? I mean, didn't it just begin?! Or maybe it's because the days simply seem to whoosh by in the summeriness?:)

Upside Down Twilight
Apart from an occasional theatrical summer storm or two, June largely consisted of clear, bright sunny days and plenty of opportunities to indulge in gorgeous sunset-watching from the comforts of my balcony, a quiet field or driving in the car. Doesn't twilight look as beautiful even when turned upside down?

Ethiopian Supper
Not being a particular foodie, my husband had to coax me into trying out Ethiopian food for the very first time and I can't say I was disappointed. Knowing little about the cuisine, I was fascinated to discover that there were plenty of vegetarian options available and of course, I was most drawn by the injera, whose appearance, texture, and even slightly sour, tangy taste resembled the South-Indian dosa. I loved how it functioned both as a plate, utensil to scoop up the various portions, and a filling meal on its own. (Also, testament to its impact: this is only my second foodgram!)

In Repose

I attended the Roads of Arabia exhibition at the Carnegie Museum, which provides a profound insight into Saudi Arabia's archaeological wealth; above, a funerary mask abstracted from gold. 

The Unbearable Beauty of a Rose in Full Bloom

Roses. Summer. Phone-camera.  Can a girl help it?:) I have endlessly taken numerous pictures of roses of all sizes, shapes, textures, and colors in the last month or so but this one is clearly my favorite. Such a rose appears to be at its most redolent and beautiful when sprouting from its parent plant; clipped and stuffed in a vase, it will quickly lose its charm, becoming diminished and lesser work of beauty altogether. 

When Mirror Became a Door

Walking back home from a street party held in a popular neighborhood shopping area, I discovered this triad of abandoned sofa, mirror, and mattress outside a house. I scarcely write poetry these days but somehow, this sight inspired me to write a poem about it; here are a few lines below:

A mirror becoming a door,
a sofa a wall
and the mattress a gate
and they said hello
and we said hello
Walking away,
we heard them laugh and sing along to the unmusical music,
reveling performing as actors
after months of being themselves.

How did your June treat you? Any exciting plans for July?


  1. The twilight is exotic Priyanka and the little poem is so very spontaneous !
    Yes, half year has passed and I realize that nothing concrete value addition I have done to my life.. Time flies and we are left with nothing sometimes .


  2. I like being spontaneously inspired, it sometimes takes you in completely new and fun directions...

    I always find myself getting a much better perspective of the year at the end - when I am reflecting on how each month segued into the other, I realise how much happened and added up even when seemingly nothing was happening on the surface.


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