June 29, 2013

Storm Gift

There were so many of these whirling around in the air during the storm few evenings ago. I curiously tried to identify their source, from what tree or bush the playful wind had unpinned and then, scattered them around. But I could not see - and it did not matter.

 For as they spun dervish-like, they resembled snowflakes-and it momentarily and bizarrely appeared that it was snowing during summer. And then, one of them absently drifted into our balcony…and stayed put on the floor, not melting. I picked and brought it inside. And there it was: both a gift and souvenir from a summer storm. 


  1. Such ephemeral beauty. Teaches us to appreciate them all the more I guess. Love the simplicity of the photograph.


  2. Thank you, Priya...we often experience these moments of ephemeral beauty - and then, they are relegated to our memory bank with so many other such moments and memories. I thought I would preserve this one, at least, the virtual equivalent of pressing a flower between pages of a book...

  3. Very sensitive portrayal Priyanka, I have preserved many such gifts from nature.


  4. Thanks so much, Padmaja and nice to hear that you have preserved many such gifts...I preserved this little sprig (flower?) on sheer impulse and so very glad that I did.


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