December 30, 2011

Farewell 2011...

Whenever the year draws to a close, it has been a ritual of mine to indulge in a stock-taking of sorts; actually, that makes it sound a lot more mundane than it actually is but what it involves is basically a reflection/retrospection on the year that has passed by and the  varied experiences, events, and people it has brought into my life. It is so easy to declare that time simply flies by and thus, amounts  to precious little of significance but when you are actually recollecting and documenting it in a sense (in my case, my journal), it's amazing to see how much has happened and how much you take away from each year. Also, as I prefer affirmations to New Year Resolutions (there is something inherently breakable in the phrase itself!), it's a good place to reorient yourself and write down positive affirmations.

Well, one of my affirmations last year was definitely to start a blog - and I must say that initiating and maintaining it has been one of my proudest and most enjoyable experiences this year. As I mentioned here, I had been thinking of starting a blog for years but for some reason, never quite got around to doing it.  Having begun in April, I have really enjoyed having had the opportunity to share my thoughts, ramblings, and views over here - and more importantly, I would like to thank each and every reader who has ventured by here and taken the time to read my thoughts and comment upon them! Here's to more good blogging times ahead in 2012:)
As a farewell 2011 post, I thought that I would keep the rambling short and sweet and instead give you a list of a few things that I just happened to stumble upon this year and enjoyed that moment of discovery. I genuinely believe that the unexpected often brings us the most joy and serendipitous discoveries are what add that elusive flavor to your life.

Let's see what serendipitous joys 2012 has for us:) 

So here it is:

i) Kun Faya Kun - Rockstar

As I remarked over here, I have become quite disenchanted with Bollywood lately. However, I was looking forward to seeing Rockstar though but unfortunately, just couldn't get around to doing so. Nevertheless, I enjoyed its music and the soul-stirring timbres of this song apart, I love the fact that the song has been picturized in Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi. I haven't been there yet but the atmosphere, colors, and visuals are testimony enough as to what I have been missing out on. The famous qawwals every Wednesday over here are an unforgettable experience, I have heard.

ii) The Library Phantom Sculptor

This story by far is one of the sweetest and enchanting stories I have heard in a while. An anonymous sculptor leaves behind ten beautiful little paper sculptures in libraries and museums all across Edinburgh, Scotland as a token of gratitude for these special places...

iii) Beaches...

By now, regular readers of this blog may have become aware of my overwhelming love for beaches:) This image has been taken in one of the most stunning beaches I have discovered in Oman so far - I sincerely hope it remains this pristine and breath-taking in the future. 

iv) Nirupama Lohtia's 'Chand Mahal' photograph series

Old, abandoned buildings, the full-moon, history submerged in the blueness of the walls: 'Chand Mahal' or 'The Moon Palace' indeed. What a wonderful image to abstract narratives from....

v) Mora Saiya (Fuzon)

I know, I know, this song is quite old but I just happened to discover it this summer itself. Interestingly enough, while I was in India, I listened to a radio narrative (for want of a better word), in which the narrator narrated his tale, interspersing it with songs, which subsequently carried the momentum of the story forward. While I had heard the song before, I somehow paid much more attention it in the context of the radio narrative. Beautifully sung and such poignant lyrics.

Well, dear readers, here's wishing you a very very Happy New Year - hope the coming year brings much happiness to you all and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy reading the blog.

See you next year!


  1. Wish you a very prosperous new year too sweets... I hope 2012 has many many more fun and sweet memories to add to your life :).... Curious question- which beach is that !! :P

  2. Thank you soooo much, Shazi - let's hope that 2012 is truly a fun one:) and regarding the beach, it's on the Sur-Quriyat highway - I mean, the entire coastline is just *so* beautiful. Oman kab aane ka plan hai?! Saath mein visit kar sakte hain beach ko!

  3. @Leia, thank you so much for your wishes - I sincerely hope that 2012 is the best year ever for you!


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