April 19, 2011

Of Gardens and Blogs

I must confess that the thought of starting a blog has been on my mind for several years; yet, for some reason or the other, I always hesitated to take the plunge into the blogosphere. At times, I felt that I did not have enough to say; other times, I wondered if my literary voice would be heard within the tumult of millions of voices already reverberating within the blogosphere. Yet, as time has gone by, I have realized that a blog affords the space of articulating those thoughts, musings or wonderings that would not fit elsewhere. I am a journalist, publishing articles in newspapers and magazines; I also publish my short stories and literary fiction in journals and anthologies. Yet, there are still pieces of writing which exist in the interstices between the above two worlds and I kept on thinking what would be the most apt space in which to locate these writings.

Is it just that though? The more I thought about the purpose of starting a blog, I found myself curiously enough envisioning it as a garden. Why garden, you may ask? Gardens happen to be amongst my favorite artificial spaces; for me, they are a space of beauty, retreat, and seclusion, a world walled away. In that sense, I found a parallel with the walled garden with that of my blog, this cyber-garden, if I may so say: here, I am free to plant the seeds of my thoughts, no matter how random or abstract or eccentric, and be witness to the way they grow and bloom. 

So what will this blog be all about? Perhaps, I can respond to that by explaining the name of my blog. In the last year or so, I have found myself saying several times, I am just more of a visual person; funnily enough, the statement has always come in reaction to my relative disinterest in and lack of knowledge of music. I can go without listening to music for days but for me, a blanched, gray, plain world is nothing short of the stuff nightmares are made of.  My world is a largely visual one and what impacts me is the explosion of colors, design, patterns, and juxtapositions around me: fashion, architecture, visual art, sculpture and installation, photography and cinema. 

I see, therefore I am  - and this blog will endeavor to present the world as I happen to see it…

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