April 21, 2014

Photo-essay: The Arrival of Spring Blooms

After what seemed like an unending, deadening winter, spring has finally arrived at our doorstep: prettily packaged and presented. As you inhale the fresh, invigorating spring air molecules and hear the concert of enthusiastically performed birdsong, you also become privy to the myriad transformations studding the surrounding landscape. For many months, your eyes had become tutored towards seeing the minimalist drama of bare branches silhouetted against the granite-gray wintry sky; green appeared to be an impossible, mythic notion. And now, there is suddenly so much to see and sense: almost as if accomplished overnight, tree branches are smothered in tiny crimson buds, white (pear? dogwood?) blossoms, magnolia blooms, and even trunks become the earth, miniature saplings emerging from their surface, the embryonic leaves almost plastic in their newness. Cheerful, sunny-yellow daffodils sprout from the warm, chocolate brown-earth while even the pine-cones bear lime-green plumed heads.

Yes, spring is here...and with that, I give my words a rest and allow these pictures to do the talking:

Starry Blooms: Every inch of this tree was covered with sepia-tinted pink magnolia blooms...it was one of the most gorgeous magnolia trees I have ever seen

Archway of Blossoms: Imagine walking beneath this archway of blossoms, the branches and blooms entangled in an enchanted embrace, providing a scented, pearly-lit path below

Abstract Blossoms: thanks to a little bit of help from photo-editing, these red-bud trees have metamorphosed into an unfinished abstract painting...

Buds: Red buds in detail...


  1. Stunning pictures. The red buds abstraction and the archway rock!

    1. Thank you so much, Priya! All these gorgeous blooms are a delight for the visual soul...I have just been clicking away and have quite a collection - I was thinking of putting more pictures but the post would have been unending;)

  2. I am awestruck Priyanka, your pictures blew me off, thank you for sharing, they are so joyous!

    1. Great to hear from you, Padmaja and thank you so much for your kind words! As I said in the post, this winter had been seemingly unending - has been a pleasure to experience the joys of spring and nature's bounties. Moreover, it is just too beautiful to keep just for myself so more than happy to share...!


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