January 3, 2014

The Wall Project: Kasbah, Pittsburgh

Contemplating: Kasbah, Pittsburgh

Despite having encountered and photographed such an eclectic collection of walls in the last year, during my travels and particularly in Pittsburgh itself, where I have discovered a treasure trove of artistic walls, it has been really remiss of me to have neglected The Wall Project. So, let me now make amends in the new year and introduce you to all these walls...

I first spotted this intriguingly presented wall - the white Grecian-statue face frescoed upon a canvas of graduated mint-green - last July when I met up with some friends outside a coffee-shop across the Mediterranean restaurant, Kasbah of which this wall was a part. I meant to take a picture then but it was an overcast day and our evening abruptly concluded us with hurriedly scurrying back into the coffee-shop to escape being drenched in the summer storm.

Having dropped by that same coffee-shop a few days ago, the wall once again caught my eye. It was a rare sunny winter day and taking advantage of the soft, mellowing afternoon light, which gently marinated the surroundings, I photographed the contemplative face, wall, and the hedges for posterity. 

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