February 23, 2013

Photo-poetry: Invisible Spring


                                                    This is what growing must look like:                                           
                                                        Sassy, iridiscent, acidly aware.                                                    
                                                      Let me too jump headfirst into this pond:                                          
                                                           when I resurface, I will spit


Shearing the clouds,                                                               
a frozen mathematical explosion                                             
of mustard.                                                                          
Meanwhile, deep beneath:
bulbed daffodils smile in their sleep


The walls dream of spring during artic nights;
in the day, they tattoo wistful wishes
upon themselves.
The brick is cold to touch:
the flowers are not.


Lush poppy curlicues
gleefully defy the gray winter censorship.
Colors furtively bloom in pockets all over:
only if you knew where to look.

Photographs taken by me via Instagram


  1. Hello Priyanka, I am glad you left a comment on your blog, because while quickly skimming through yours it looks like this is one of those few blogs that I am going to come back to and savour slowly.


    1. First of all, a very warm welcome,Priya...and thank you for your kind words:)

      I would like to say that I feel exactly the same about your blog...looking forward to reading and discovering:)


  2. Thank you so much, Sue! I used to write reams of poetry earlier...but abandoned it many years ago. Thought would experiment again along with photography:)

  3. Replies

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the poems:)

  4. great poetry...
    lookingoodfeelingfab.blogspot.in do drop by


  5. Hi Abhi,

    Thank you re: the poetry...welcome to the blog and do stop by again. Will drop by yours too!

  6. lovely words..and so love all spring color specially lime :)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, Nayana and appreciate your kind words:) Do stop by again...

      Yes, lime is so evocative of spring, isn't it? Reminds me of spring-buds...!


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