January 27, 2013

Back after a hiatus...

Readers, I am still very much here...last year, this time round, I had idly mused as to what 2012 would yield for me; as it happened, it proved to be eventful in many ways, including getting married and moving from Oman to United States.

Well, here we are in 2013 and even though it's a tad late, here's wishing you a very happy new year!

This is the longest I have gone without blogging since I began almost two years ago and I have missed it, indeed...however, I am now back  and have plenty to blog about - what with a new country, new year, new seasons, sights and sounds...there is much waiting to present over here!

To start off, I am looking forward to the opportunity to travel and discover more of United States; my most recent and first exploration happened in northern California, where we drove down the Pacific Coastal Highway while visiting San Francisco and LA along the way.

While the stunning coastline arguably provided post-card photography options aplenty, I also thought to include more random images that I happened to take; quite often, these are the images that make you more vividly and specifically remember a place and become the stuff of your memories. 

Jagged Rocks:
The tumultuous sea; the solid, stolid rocks

Fifty Shades of Blue:
Jade, azure, cobalt, cerulean...you can stand for hours and contemplate the universe of blue

Ghost Tree at 17 Mile Drive:
I loved how the natural elements had sculpted the tree trunk into this sinuous minimalism - and yet, its dynamic; what would it look like the next time I visited it?

The Lone Cypress

Starting Line:
Sometimes, it's all about the timing


  1. Your journeys look wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. Am glad that you enjoyed reading about the journeys! And thank *you* for stopping by over here, I do hope to see you here again:)

  2. Nice to see your post and the pics, I am sure you are going to enjoy your exploring the new land. I have done quite a few paintings of the 17 mile drive and I know what you are talking about!


    1. Many thanks, Padmaja! Yes, 17 mile drive is inspiration personified - I would love to see the paintings that you have done of it:)

  3. i stumbled upon this by accident... write more - in love with your words :)

    1. Suzy...feel overwhelmed! *hugs* Surely made my day...keep reading and I will keep writing;)


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