February 28, 2012

Creative Writing: Short Short

From now onwards, I am going to be posting bits and pieces of my creative writing over here - excerpts from stories and pieces in progress or stand-alone pieces such as this short short below:

There comes a time when you skim through photographs of yourself and there is that one, that one particular one, which makes you pause and think: who is this person? You look at this reflection in the mirror every day - every day, mind you, every day - and yet, you do not recognise the configuration of your features, the shape of your nose, the way one eye is conspicuously smaller than the other. Who is this person? your panicked mind asks. I don't know her. I haven't seen her before. What is she doing in my place? Yet, here you - she - is smiling away, her cheeks threatening to burst from apple happiness, only her eyes betraying that she is in fact you...and she is waiting for you to tell her that.

Note: These are all fictional pieces! Often, the 'I' in a creative writing piece is confused with that of the author; this is a strictly fictional 'I':)

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