January 13, 2012

Hope amid Despair

The next few days will see me travelling for a bit hence I will be silent here for the rest of this month. However, before I take off, I would like to leave you with this image that I discovered via what is easily one of my favorite websites, Mumbai Boss:

Post earthquake in Natori, Japan - Yasuyoshi Chiba, April 2011

Deepanjana Pal has written such a beautifully worded response to this image (fittingly enough, in regard to the newly minted 2012) so much so that I feel that I have little to say which will further contribute towards the understanding and appreciation of this image. However, what does powerfully resonate with me whenever I glimpse this image is the existence of hope amid despair and such incredible beauty growing and flourishing in this wasteland of shattered hopes, dreams, and human souls. In a sense, this image creates such an incredibly deep metaphor for all of us at both a personal and universal level...that one must never renounce hope, come what may.

Has there been a particular image which has impacted you at a visceral level?

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  1. well written indeed... Happy holidays babe... see u sooon :D:D:D


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