August 18, 2011

The Bewitched Hour: Dusk

My unequivocally favorite time of the day is dusk. Wherever I am, whatever the season, I invariably find myself wandering outside as the day draws to a close and glimpsing the twilight hour. I reckon that I am not even particularly interested in seeing the sunsets, as spectacular as they may be; I am more drawn towards the palpable atmosphere that dusk conjures up, the partition it heralds and cements between the day and night. Dusk is that time which appears to be a sea of possibilities, where time itself becomes suspended and dreams are free to be fleshed into existence.

Here are some pictures of dusk in old Jodhpur on an August evening, the latter pictures having been taken in a Krishna temple. I love the color of the dusk light - and how different surfaces and textures respond to it.

Even the pigeons have come home to roost...

Darshan at Krishna temple

And, finally, this is my current laptop wallpaper - there is something rather calming and serene that I find in the image.

You can read about my dusk experience involving a falling kite over here

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